Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boys and sticks

Just got back from a camping trip to Black Rock Mt State Park, North Georgia. Great park and a great time with friends and their boys. Lots of boys. Boys with knives. Boys with sticks. What is it exactly about boys and sticks? The stick has to be a certain size to attract the boy. Not too dead and flimsy, because that just breaks. Not too alive and attached to a tree, because that attracts Park Rangers (at least this should be entering the mind of the boy, but it isn't). Big enough to walk with, but not so big that you can't swing it around and threaten any living being within range. Boys know sticks. They know they are a tool, a weapon and that a good stick delivers to the owner some serious trail-cred. Boys also seem to know the perfect stick for them when they see it, which is why they discard an inferior model so readily. This gang was ready for bear. Enough boys, and enough sticks, so I just learned, can self-organize into running battles around the campground: Boys vs Dads. Losers who get hit are "out" and have to take a knee until rescued by a team-mate's tag. The battle rages until one side is knocked out. Great game (apart from the bruising and smashed fingers). Oh, wait, I just answered the question.
Boys and sticks? It's genetic.

Dad U
-"best camp ever!!!" DJ(b12)

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