Monday, April 5, 2010

Commodity Trading

As a Dad you carry around a big red target. The Insurance-Financial-&-Banking-Industrial Complex knows that you are hardwired (or should be!) to want to take responsibility for the security of your family. You are being bombarded with the message that it's all about the money. How much you make, how much more you can generate (with them, hint, hint), how much you should have squirreled away, how much will be left for all your orphans should you have a sudden, unfortunate, terrible, heart rending, catastrophe (cue violin). Of course, they have a point, but they are also missing something big.

When it comes to your kids, there is one particular commodity they absolutely need. From you. It's not cash, bonds, college savings, or even FCOJ stock.

Its TIME. Your time. You get 24 new hours of it every day of Dadhood. But if you don't invest it in them, it's gone. Don't trade it.

Dad U
-Invest time

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