Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dad50 #6. B-ball Ring

Dad U forged steel, wove nets, molded plastic and built a full size basketball ring from scratch. Or perhaps I just went and bought it from Sam’s Club, whatever, the experience was more like the former. The truth is a basketball ring ...should... be simple to assemble and kids should get plenty of hours enjoyment out of it. According to Mrs Dad U however, every mom in her extended network has a tale of woe describing their husband’s efforts to assemble these contraptions. The particular combination of 3-part steel poles, springs, counter weights, more springs, nets, and finally, blurred and poorly written instructions induces frustration personified. In Dad U’s case, the pole parts were joined and seated with the uppermost section 90 degrees to what it should have been. Oops. Once seated, no possible “encouragement” could convince them apart. Dad U just gave up and drilled new holes, leaving the backboard vaguely off square to the base. Fortunately, the kids probably never even noticed. The basketball ring exercise likely involved the most effort and frustration per expected, for any single project of my entire dadhood. The best quote from Mrs Dad U’s network probably sums up the phenomena: “I never knew he even knew those words!!!”.

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