Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting started

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  • My youngest is now five. That means I survived the diaper years. It also means all the hard learned tips and tricks for the younger set are now being pushed to the background somewhere upstairs. I'm obviously going to comment less and less on babies and toddlers as time goes by, but for any new Dads that show up, I will tag them as "Under5" posts.
  • I'm a "Pre-teenager Dad" for another 6 months, and therefore likely harboring substantial naivety regarding those years. I will be garnering comments from old-hands who have been there and done that. See the "Dad-er-views" page.
  • "Tales" will recount experiences and events in our house, funny, tragic, thought provoking or otherwise.
Dad U is coming from a traditional Christian, practical, common sense viewpoint and will likely mock political correctness at every opportunity. Comments/discussion that breech acceptable civility will be unceremoniously deleted.

Hopefully, some will find the blog useful, a resource, or good for an occasional laugh.

Dad U
-Dadhood is 24/7

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