Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kids and technology

"Dad, can I borrow your iPod"
"We want to film an ambush"
"How do you change the video to "CYBORG"?"
"Like this"

Not bad for the first take!
Kids love technology. And they adopt and blend with it so easily. Probably has something to do with their brains being wired for language learning and new ideas/systems are just another angle on the same curve. (That or the fact that their brains are essentially empty and soak up anything presented to them in order to fill up the space. Just a theory I'm working on....)

But kids have no comprehension of just how fast the world is changing. Just a few short years ago our generation saw its first digital watch. Or were babies that slept through the moon landings (as did my older brother, I didn't even exist then). Some of our parents rode horses to school, and recall the first time they saw a car. (ED: enough with the "back in the day" monologue)

Also changing are the risks and dangers of technology. It used to be that as a technology owner, your biggest concern was Jr loading a PB&J into the VCR. A dropped laptop is much more likely to induce cardiac arrest today. Dad U Golden Rule #1 covers these issues (ie, if you leave it where a 1-yr old can chew on it or a 2-yr old can flush it, its your fault).

Hence, all I could do with my 6-yr old when she found the scanner was to laugh, and explain that toner is not free, so could she please refrain from standing on the glass, and not have her older brother hit the "scan/print" button, giggle uncontrollably, then crumple it up and throw it in the trash for Daddy to find later. Although I did get to post the hilarious episode to my facebook page, so in a way, I'm glad they did.

Seriously though, as the world changes, so does the approach and intention of harm to your kids. You need to be very judicious in how you allow them to access the world at large, and how the world can access them.
Dad U
-supervise diligently (DUGR #6)

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