Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Logo/Banner

It's big. It's bold.
It says I have photoshop and are not afraid to use it.

It's supposed to convey the idea that being Dad is about being practical.
Sometimes, it's just going to be gritty. Like when its mid-Summer and your 3-yr old princess wants a piggy-back to the car (and it was downhill for all of the first half of the out-and-back hike). But if you don't man-up and be The Dad, all that the above mentioned 3-yr old will remember will be the misery of that climb, rather than the awesome family time.
Sometimes, being Dad is about metal. Every so often you have to step up and take the incoming blow on your armor in the defense of your clan. Or be the one swinging it.
And sometimes, you just might find yourself cammo-ed up and running around the woods getting shot at by boys with Airsoft machine guns on full-auto. I'm just sayin'......

Dad U
-be The Dad

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