Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coach Dads

Ever wonder what's going on inside the minds of young kids affected by marriage breakdown? I heard this story yesterday.
Family friends have a 10 yr old who plays baseball. One or two seasons ago a boy on the team was in the middle of a family breakdown. His Dad happened to be the coach, and my friend an assistant. The Dad didn't have too many complimentary things to say about his wife at the time, and they were divorced shortly thereafter. The Mom re-married. Because they were all still living in the same community, the boy now had his both his real Dad, and his new-and-apparently-quite-likable-step-Dad. Dad was still the coach of the baseball team, but my friend couldn't make the next season due to other commitments. How did Jr respond? He recruited step-Dad to the coaching staff. Boom.
Mizuno Prospect Series GPP1151 Youth Baseball Glove (11.5-Inch, Right-Handed Throw)
Think about that for a moment. This is small-town America. Now on a weekly basis Mom will come sit in the bleachers to watch her boy, while both her current and former husbands will be in the dugout dishing out instructions and pretending to get along just great, while the rest of the community quietly gossips all around them.
And do you think Jr cares a whit? Do you think he hears any of the nattering or feels any shame? Unlikely at his age. I suspect he feels great. Why? Because, in his mind, he has done something to put his family back together. And for one or two hours a week everything is normal again.
That's whats going on in their minds.

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