Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dad50 #12. Trampoline

Do yourself a favor. Watch America’s* Funniest Home Video, and tally the number of trampoline videos on any given show. It’s the most abundant category by far, but also one of the most hilarious. Why is that? Dad U thinks it’s the combination of bounce, gravity, teenage boys, and inevitability. While Mom’s secretly vow to keep their little ones away from such equipment, Dads laugh out loud and think: “we need one of those”. Here’s Dad U’s tip for getting the wife over the line. Get the trampoline with the nylon crash barrier walling. It takes a bit longer to put up, but serves the purpose of providing that required illusion of safety. Boys will just think it’s a MMA cage. The crash barrier will make Mom’s more comfortable with little kids being on there, and it will age and break, be held together by duct tape, and finally be taken down by the time the kids are old enough for you can say: “what did you think would happen?”.
Bounce-Rite Big Bounce 14 Foot Trampoline with enclosure
*or Madagascar’s if you live there, whatever, you get the idea.

Dad U
-kids learn the hard way too

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