Monday, May 10, 2010

Dad50 #14. Hammock

That's the sound of you on a balmy Saturday afternoon in the Fall, when you have just sent some of the kids off in one direction to complete a chore, and some others off to do Moms bidding, while you ease into the hammock you hung for them. Ahhhhhh. You suspected that that particular spot would be just shady enough in the afternoon, and just sunny enough before dusk, to be as close to perfect as possible in your yard. But the drawback is its only possible for you to relax in it when your brood is nowhere in sight. Unfortunately, hammocks are such popular additions that involuntary games of sardines often break out when the prime position is up for grabs, or visitors arrive, or afternoon snack is outside, or if a book needs reading, or any number of other scenarios arise. One of the most hammock-dive inducing events is when Dad is spotted in it.
Hammock crewphoto © 2009 Nicki Dugan | more info (via: Wylio)
A wide range of hammocks are out there, including those with stands included that are suitable for back decks. To promote pirate-quality imagination from your tribe, Dad U recommends finding two coconut palms and stringing one up between them, me-hearties. If you suffer from a shortage of coconut groves, any other trees will do. Nylon rope that does not stretch much is perfect. You can get it as well as the rust-free loops/fittings from your local hardware store. Be aware that if you get a cloth/canvas hammock, you will want quick-click loops, so you can take it down in seconds (leaving the rope/fittings attached to the trees), while you flee inside from Summer thunderstorms. Mildew stains will affect cloth/canvas hammocks left out in the rain.
Dad U
-swing low

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