Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dad50 #18 Bag of Hot Air

Yet another SGD (ED: why are there so many?):

This game is played without talking, unless required to teach a new player. But its much more effective to only use hand movements and pointing to get them playing.
Step 1: Sit on a comfy chair (this is important for later, when you need to collapse to recover, you are already in it!)
Step 2: Acquire small child (ages 2-5) and sit them on your lap, straddling your legs and facing you.
Step 3: Get the kid to "pump" one of your forearms up and down, bending at the elbow. This action is "pumping" air into you, and you are noisily inhaling as the pumping proceeds. When they stop pumping, you stop inhaling. Get it? Easy.
Step 4:  Between pumping sessions, you act as if you (aka "The Balloon") have been inflated just a little bit more. At this point they will often stop to check if you are pumped up enough. Drag it out as long as you can stand. Remember to be inhaling noisily.
Step 5: At a point most convenient to you, indicate that you have been pumped full. To do this you stretch out suddenly once they have stopped pumping, straight like a taut balloon, blowing your cheeks out as far as possible and goggling your eyes. I suspect that Louis Armstrong  would have been pretty good at this game.
The Definitive CollectionStep 6: Teach them to "pop" the balloon by touching their finger to the end of your nose. You don't pop until they do, maintaining the ridiculous goggle-eyed face as long as possible. If they have played before and know whats coming, you need to dodge their incoming finger a few times to build the suspense/comedy.
Step 7: Once they touch your nose, you "pop". Actually, you need to mimic what an untied balloon does when let go: lots of noisy hissing and spluttering, flailing around, bouncing them up and down etc. Drag it out. Then flop in the chair like a dead balloon. Give a few extra splutters just when they think you are done.
Step 8: Be prepared for demands for repeated encores. After about 3 rounds collapse in the chair to recover.

Dad U invented this game several years before having kids of his own. I was backpacking through Japan and needed a game to play with some fun kids at a farm-stay. They didn't speak English, and my Japanese was even worse. Fortunately, all kids are fluent in SGDs.
Dad U
-may the splutter be with you

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