Monday, May 24, 2010


Mad Cow Disease!! (shoot the cows!*)
Bird flu! (kill the neighborhood chickens!*)
Swine flu! (slaughter herds of pigs*)
White powder! (make all posties wear gloves*)
Terrorists with exploding underwear! (at least the TSA screeners didn't react the same way as with the shoe-bomber)
SARS!!! Flesh eating bacteria!!! And on, and on, and on.........

Dad U seethes at the safety-panic culture of the media and government.
Listen very carefully: The world is not going to end tomorrow. Sure, bad things can happen, but they will probably NOT happen to you. In all likelihood, your kids will STILL be safe and sound when the sun rises again.
Turn off the TV, put down the remote, go outside into the sunshine and take a nice deep breath.  Then take another.

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And remember this: the media is a business. It's trying to make money, pure and simple. They make their money on advertising. They sell advertising to the highest bidder. The highest bidder is choosing how to bid based on viewership head counts (ie you). And what breeds viewership? You guessed it, sensationalism. Rampant the-sky-is-falling-lets-run-a-countdown-timer-of-doom type of sensationalism.
But you can fight back.
1. Turn it off, at least temporarily (be it the TV, radio or web).
2. Teach your kids how the perpetual media/advertising cycle works.
3. Kick back and let someone else feed the panic cycle for a day (and there will be plenty to pick up the slack).

Dad U
-Chill out

*actual governmental responses in certain countries

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