Thursday, May 27, 2010

Federal Court Judge

Dad U prefers to avoid politics wherever possible. On principle it’s an honorable business, but in reality, could anyone argue that political society does not nearly always suck otherwise principled individuals into a self-serving vortex of greed, pork and bloated wastefulness? My recent trip to DC highlighted both ends of the spectrum. The sense of awe brought on by touring memorials of history-making people and events was brought crashing down to Earth by hearing the phrases “I’m my own God” and “…long before I was a Federal Judge…” uttered in consecutive sentences by an obviously pleased individual*.
Unfortunately, being able to get elected is very different from being able to govern with integrity, competency, wisdom and humbleness:

Dad U proscribes the following treatment for what ails Washington:
(1) Kidnap every elected official inside the beltway. Obviously those with a secret service detail might present more of a challenge, but alpha-porkers are probably the most important to “enroll” in the program.
(2) Confiscate all communication devices, evict all personal assistants and forbid the “Politics-Anonymous Volunteers” from talking (ED: might actually require gags).
(3) Bus them to Arlington Cemetery and drop them at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Make them stand in silence through an entire rotation of the honor guard.
(4) Make them walk the paths and read the inscriptions. Alone.
(5) Walk them to the Marine Corps Memorial, then past the 101st Airborne Memorial, and across the bridge to the Lincoln Memorial. Make them read EVERTHING written inside. In silence.
(6) Walk them to the FDR, then Jefferson Memorials. Make them read anything carved in stone.
(7) March the whole herd back to their offices, and lock them in for another 6 hrs to silently contemplate just how they stack up against their historical contemporaries.
(8) Repeat yearly.

Dad U decided long ago that his kids would hear home truths about the (let’s face it) worldly political system, and when their turn came they would
(a) not be swayed by smooth talking,
(b) be cognizant of ulterior political motives,
(c) be mindful of consequences and
(d) prayerfully consider, then VOTE. Every time.

Dad U
-something’s broken. I’m guessing it’s integrity.

*I don’t have the energy to split hairs over whether a Judge is a politician, being in the third branch of Government qualifies them in my book.

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