Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The irritating ads

Folks: google "blogger income" and you will find endless numbers of sites telling you how to make $ from blogging. Most of it hinges on your readers clicking on an ad, and buying a product, with the blogger then getting a cut. The best way to increase income is to attract millions of people to the site aka "traffic".
This is of course exactly not the reason why I put such ads on Dad U.
Actual Reason #1: the really awful looking Google ads bring with them one useful feature, the  tracking of page views of the blog. Using this technology I can tell that maybe, perhaps, a grand total of five people have read Dad U today. But the ad actually has to be displayed, sorry.
Actual Reason #2: I wanted a quick and easy way to insert pics to posts. An Amazon add on allows this, hence the book/music/movie/product images. The images are links to the product at Amazon. Occasionally, I'll put something that was a "big deal" at our place on the side. The zip line definitely qualifies (future Dad50 post).
Dad U

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