Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mexican for Mothers Day

A great Mothers day last Sunday was topped off by a remarkable dinner. Sometime past, Dad U and the wife made a convenient decision that a tight budget was an excuse not to eat out as often as we had before the kids landed. I vaguely remember it having something to do with the inability of certain family members to be able to consume food in Chinese restaurants without also re-distributing it around a 2-yard radius. When we only had one of them we would perform a tag team routine to ensure he was adequately fed and entertained. And we actually got to eat. The easiest time was had at a Japanese restaurant. A real one. Like, actually in Japan. Even the chef was Japanese (ED: enough! We get it...). We could sit at a bar and watch him cook, and right in front of us was a long fish tank. Not the "point and cook" type of fish tank, although I've seen those too, but one swarming with small bright colored tropical fish. In other words, perfect distraction for a toddler. Unfortunately, we were soon outnumbered by his siblings and managing a dinner on the town was more of a firefight than a simple matter of logistics. We eventually surrendered.
To Lose a Battle: France 1940
But our Mothers day dinner was highlighted by a whole string of events that remarkably didn't happen. The food was eaten and didn't end up on the walls, the drinks were not immediately knocked over as they arrived, no-one had to be rushed to the potty at the most inconvenient time, and no-one had to be retrieved from under the table.
Half way through, a young family arrived and sat opposite. They had a ~2 yr old, and a ~10 month old. The wife and I got to quietly chuckle and reminisce at the shenanigans that youngsters can put you through on a night out. Even the "sniff-test" was required. But, kudos to them, they handled it all with aplomb.
The truth is, its just a stage. Somehow we seem to have graduated.

Dad U
-spaghetti (in hair) happens

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