Saturday, May 8, 2010


Parents coax, cajole, encourage, then dive for the video recorder when their little people utter their first words. What follows is a long progression of verbal milestones: the first “NO” (ED: which never needs to be actually taught), full sentences, the “BUT WHY?” stage, the “ask the same question 6 times” stage, the “Dad!, DAD?, daddy, daddy? Daaaaaaaaad! Oh, I forgot” stage, the "acquiring the ability to talk incessantly without appearing to breathe" stage, and on to the eventual “overly excessive use of word LIKE” stage. Dad U has like documented an additional verbal milestone, one that seems to like serve no useful purpose whatsoever: the Public Service Announcement (PSA). Children of a certain age have a tendency to announce important messages spontaneously, without any volume control, and far to rapidly for you to interrupt before it’s too late. As Dad U’s long-suffering brother-in-law says: “he has no filter”. PSA of this type vary broadly in subject matter, but have the common attributes of being either totally inappropriate, highly embarrassing, or are factual observations that are in essence completely unhelpful. eg Little girl on a train with her uncle (very loudly and repeatedly because she was being ignored): “That lady has VERY pretty underwear!”*. Dad U recommends writing the funniest down before you forget, but be warned that they are typically only suitable for in-family humor, because the best can often not be recounted in public.

*Actual PSA as related to Dad U by laughing family member

Dad U
-record family humor

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