Monday, May 17, 2010

Steve Jobs Quote

Attached is a link to a description of an email exchange between Apple's Steve Jobs and an irritated tech blogger that occurred over this past weekend (including the actual email chain). The "discussion" is about two different prisms that that are being used to view Apple's approach to the ongoing revolution in mobile computing:
(a) Apple is making a superior product with less opportunity for tech fiddling, but works like you couldn't have believed only a few years ago (Apple's view). This viewpoint includes Apple making commercial decisions on what will or won't be available for downloading from their iTunes store.
(b) Apple is foisting a "closed" system on the world and imposing moral-guardianship where it's not wanted (Tech geek view).
The conversation delves into several areas, but revisits the subject of porn several times (re: Apple's decision not to to approve overtly smutty apps for download from iTunes) as one example of making "morality decisions".
The relevant punch line from Jobs (apart from the one at the end) is stunning:
"And you might care more about porn when you have kids..."


What's going on here? Why does the CEO of a Fortune 500 company (2009 profits: $35+ billion) weigh in on the subject (notice that he was the first to raise the issue in the exchange)? Obviously, Apple have surveyed the landscape and judged that they would probably sell many fewer iPhones/iPods/iPads if they allowed an iTunes content free-for-all. But there is also something intriguingly non-corporate in his quote: "...might care more...when you have kids..."
That is the heart of a Dad speaking.

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