Tuesday, June 22, 2010

90 mins down the road

This has been a very uncomfortable post to compose.
90 miles down the road from where I'm sitting, Atlanta is one of the epicenters of child sex trafficking in the US (link).

“Numbers” (HD) - Child Exploitation & Sex Trafficking PSA from Ron Dawson on Vimeo.

Somewhere in the mix of the stories of all these girls is likely to be a common denominator: FATHERHOOD FAILURE.

Perhaps "Dad" was never there. Perhaps Dad never cared, never engaged, never noticed, never said no, never protected, never affirmed.... Who knows.
What an appalling outcome.
Of course there are other factors, but no MODERATELY FUNCTIONAL father would ever ALLOW this to happen to his daughter without doing all it took to prevent it. Or once faced with his failure, do all it took to rescue her.

But for these girls, he's out of the picture. Thank God there are people who are prepared to step into the gap. http://www.wellspringliving.org/
I don't have any cliche to end the post. Please spend time with your kids. Support these organizations.
Dad U

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