Friday, June 11, 2010

Mostly Johnny

Becoming a Dad brings a ...certain degree (ie total)....  interruption to your former patterns of life. Sometimes, you just miss the update, only to find out about it years later.

Take William Zabka for example, last seen (by Dad U) playing Johnny Lawrence, the iconic 80's bad-guy in the Karate Kid.
"With his perfectly feathered blond hair, his red motorcycle leathers, and his obsessive jealousy over his ex-girlfriend, ....Johnny Lawrence was easy to hate. Yet there was something pathetic about his devotion to his sensei ..... You just knew his dad was never home and his mom drank her lunch." (Zabka interview in Kungfu Magazine)

I hadn't given poor old Johnny much thought for close to twenty years (college+postgrad+kids=20). Turns out that Zabka really wanted to be a film maker, rather than serial-bad-guy in 80's high school movies. He also has quite the sense of humor and quite the talent. He wrote and directed this:

Sometimes though, you come across something you missed, and wonder how you did. This morning I heard that Zabka was nominated for an Academy Award in 2004 for a ~30 minute independent film: "Most"
From another interview: "It was shot in Prague and in Poland. ... We left right after 9/11 to make this film. It was kind of a shock of what happened…and we wanted to make a movie that showed the value of life. So we went ... with just an idea of this movie we wanted to make. But we didn’t have a script or any money. We had no locations, we just knew it was out there somewhere. So we went on a 2 month tour through Europe and traveled through 8 countries until we landed in Prague, and then we wrote it, and cast it, and the money came last. It was really a miracle making the movie."

Kudos "Johnny". Turns out life was more important than the All-Valley Karate Tournament.
Dad U

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