Friday, June 4, 2010

Swim Team

I’m sitting at my first every swim meet as a Dad. The scorching sun is lowering beyond the trees and it’s finally becoming more pleasant. A teeming mass of parents and dripping kids mill around, uttering phrases like: “They have improved soooooo much”; “you won the breaststroke AND backstroke”; “(laughing) Did you see him pull away!”, and “I made it to the END!!!” (no prizes for guessing which quotes were not from a wet 7-yr old). I’m just trying to avoid them dripping on my laptop. Yes, until the older teens step on the blocks at least, it’s a celebration of glorious mediocrity.
But no-one minds. In fact, everyone’s having a great time, as they should. Because, it’s not about churning out the next Thorpedo, it’s about kids testing their skills against others (and, shock!, there are winners and losers! Just like in real life!), improving their abilities, and delighting their parents.
Dad U
-this was the same day that a friends 2-yr was pulled out of a community pool after a near drowning. Sign 'em up guys (Mom's, we really know that means you). They all need to know how to swim. 3/4 of the world is covered by water. Chances are they will stumble in one day, so they might as well know how to get back to dry land. In fact, I'm labeling it a Dad U Golden Rule (DUGR#3).

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