Monday, July 12, 2010

Advertising FAIL

Dear Advertising-Industrial Complex,

Deadliest Catch: Season 2 (3pc)As you know "Deadliest Catch" is a hugely popular show with us guys, because it's not actually about hauling pot loads of odd looking crustaceans off the ocean floor. The draw is that it presents manly guys doing manly stuff: fighting the elements, surviving conditions close to unbearable, overcoming adversity, along with tales of no-holds-bared competition, tragedy, victory, disaster, and redemption. Stories that prod our inner Magellan. These guys are real. Somewhat rough around the edges, but real. Their relationships are real, and perhaps the most interesting angle on the show.  The Father-Son interactions are fascinating (perhaps not quite the way we would do it, but riveting nonetheless).

So why on earth would the geniuses in charge of program advertising dish up a steady stream of "incompetent guy" commercials during the breaks? You know the caricatures: "dopey office guy", "clueless dad" etc, all needing to be saved within 30 seconds.

Listen up schedulers: we are not your target audience. These ads will not convince us to buy anything.

They just insult us.

Take them over to the stations running programs that are in no way actually reflective of reality.

Dad U
-uses the mute button

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