Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Barefoot Bandit

Colton Harris-Moore is quite the fugitive.
Aged 19, he has been on the run since fleeing supervised detention in 2008, and has a $10,000 price on his head. Notching up an impressive string of thefts and burglaries, including a boat, two cars and at least five small aircraft, he has become somewhat of cult hero. Colton can be found in the news, a wikipedia entry, a site selling memorabilia, an FBI blotter (right), a facebook support page, and in a proposed movie script "Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw".
But, at least for now, he apparently can't be found by authorities. His latest accomplishment involved the use of his self-taught lock-picking/flying/navigation skills to get from Indiana to the Bahamas.

Apart from having a clueless mom (money quote: "I'm glad he's able to enjoy beautiful islands, but they extradite. It doesn't help matters at all") how does a child spiral to such a state of rebellion?

Some clues can be found in the biography section on the wikipedia entry:
"Colton's abusive father walked out when he was about two years old, after choking him during an argument at a family barbecue"
but wait, there's more
"...his stepfather died when he was about seven years old...from the first grade there was– a "sort of a disconnection"...He wouldn't listen to his teachers...started altercations...deliberately broke things...started living in the wild at the age of seven...would break into vacation homes...stealing blankets and food...then disappear into the forest for days...His first conviction...came at age 12" 
It's the same old punchline. Fatherhood and parental failure. It's not up to the school system to raise your children. It's your job.
Dad U

10th July 2010:
44 ft powerboat missing from harbor. Colton suspected to be on Eleuthera island, about 40 miles the South.

11th July 2010
Colton nabbed after crash landing

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