Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dad U's best and worst of the World Cup

From a fatherhood perspective

Australian goalkeeper Brad Jones (link). I blogged about him at the start. He manned-up and shelved his chance on the big stage to be with his child who had contracted leukemia.

Worst (well perhaps just "Most Pathetically Misguided"):
Ronaldo. The Portugese casanova announced that he had become a father.
No, Ronaldo, you didn't. Shelving out $$$ to have a surrogate bear and birth a son does not qualify you for anything except being an overpaid, over-pretentious, ego-driven, comittment-phobic, selfish prat who has taken vacuous self-idolatry to a new level.
The child may get the best of everything money can buy, but that will in no way replace the nurturing of a stable family that only loving maturity provides. I would love to be wrong, but "exclusive guardianship" sounds like a guarantee that Jr will be making headlines for all the wrong reasons in ~17 years. Just watch.
Ronaldo's Facebook page (link)

Dad U
-what have we become

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