Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dad50 #24 Dock

Every good tale told by 8-yr olds apparently needs a castle, fort, or Hoth Ice Base. And not long after, an ocean going expedition (aka the tiled area) is probably to be expected. In order to avoid drowning, a ship is usually employed, and...wait for it.... that's why a dock is a great addition to your kids toy set. 
Dad U made this one out of poplar "planks" and red oak "posts". The ramp detaches for storage, which has certainly contributed to a healthy 5-year life span. It's in need of some refurbishing but on the whole, it's still going strong. Lengths of wood run the length of the dock underneath (left-right) and the posts are braced from one side of the dock to the other. A couple coats of varnish, and endless play have ensued. 
Dad U
-batteries not required

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