Thursday, July 8, 2010

This on the day our gluttonous culture will pour obscene $$$ on LeBron, who just happens to be good at bouncing a ball

We ought to feel shame at the obscene value we place on entertainment over the value we place on others.

denver.homeless.youth (link)
Money quote:
"Most of these kids have been abused and been taken advantage of by every adult they've met."

Diversionary quote:
"The Obama administration recently unveiled a plan to end homelessness in the United States over the next decade. The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness will "harness public and private resources to build on the innovations that have been demonstrated at the local level nationwide"

THIS PLAN WILL FAIL because the problem is not lack of a house, but lack of caring, loving, real relationships in huge swaths of the culture. Devaluing the spiritual, historical and cultural significance of MARRIAGE (AKA The sexual revolution of the '60s) has led to whole generations of kids being raised entirely or virtually entirely by their Mom.  "Dad" either didn't exist (ie he accepted female "liberation" by never returning), he left because he could (societal acceptance of divorce), or he checked out and abdicated responsibility (the apathetic dad). The worst case scenario of course is the abusive "dad", a guy so driven by fear, addiction, or anger that he turns on those he should be protecting. The kids in the above article were so harmed that they won't even discuss the reasons why they fled their families.
Many of us raised via this big experiment are still dealing with significant issues and paying the consequences. Some of us are determined to resist by recapturing traditional values in the raising our own children. Thumbing our noses at a ship of fools, so to speak.

Dad U
-be proactive

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