Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Father 100: LOVE

The Father 100 is a new #DadsTalking contribution-game from Dad at the Chalkboard
The rules are simple: write in 100 words or less, a post on a one word topic. 

A swaddled newborn sighs in your arms, and fatherhood begins. You will yourself to “love” him, but the reality is, he’s a complete stranger. Later, peering back past the haze of zombie grade sleep-deprivation you realize real love only comes with quality 3am time, the perfect photograph, falling-asleep-sans-mom bedtime training, a thousand no’s, a toothy grin, the banana power-squeeze, potty incidents- the details of which can’t be repeated in public, giggles in the bubble bath, the first steps, pack-horse hauling of gear, birthday cakes, uttered “dadd-dah’s”, bike rides, tears and bandaids, shared naps, big hugs and stupid games with dad. 

Dad U


  1. Like it.

    Stupid games with dad. LOL. Are there ano other kinds?

  2. That of course, was shameless self promotion: