Friday, August 20, 2010

Never in the field of human conflict.....

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Churchill's speech honoring the efforts of the RAF in the ongoing Battle of Britain.
Don't fool yourself, fatherhood can be a lot like being in a battle. Forces are at work that want to harm your kids. Step into your daughters shoes for just a moment and feel the saturation of self-worth imagery she is/will be presented with during her teen years. As for your boys, when was the last time a week went by that you didn't see "women as sex-object" portrayals somewhere in the media? Think that's harmless? Make no mistake, we live in a culture that celebrates the crumbling of honor, integrity, purity, and courage. You, their dad, hold a great deal of responsibility to guide, protect, teach, watch over, correct and affirm. Don't delegate. Get in your fighter, get on patrol and engage the enemy.
Dad U
-thanks to Digital Shepherds and Chris Goforth for their content


  1. The battle lines are drawn and it's our children's hearts and minds that our enemy is after. Great post! Thanks for this reminder.

  2. ...and try not to go down behind enemy lines.