Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday 5

What a week for a Dad-blogger its been. First, the spontaneous assembly of an elite force of.....(ED: enough!).
But then, sooooo many good posts from the #DadsTalking twitter feed that cross-posting with meaningful comments has become rather difficult. So, given that a general rule of blogging seems to be the importance of inventing a cool catchphrase, I give you:
The Thursday Five*
Five posts from the week that are an interesting read. From other dad bloggers, or related sites.

The Simple Dollar: Life lessons from frugality
-a great list of lessons from frugality.
#3 When you’re sitting around a table with friends, it really doesn’t matter where you’re at.
#10 You disagree with your spouse a lot less if you don’t have a pile of debt stressing you out.
#27 A nap is the best free vacation.

Napkin Dad: Getting A's and flunking life
-The dad who supplemented his income by robbing banks, so he had $ to feed his daughters excessive lifestyle. #DadFail

Digital Shepherds: Raising media savvy girls
-Your daughters are being fed a steady diet of lies. This article is right on the money.

Raising A Boy: Advice for single mothers
-Boys need male influence. Yes, its a big deal. 

Father Folk: Driving a tank
-Just because I always wanted to.

Dad U

*Disclaimer: I may or may not post The Weekly Thursday 5: (a) weekly, (b) on Thursdays, or (c) containing an actual total of five posts.

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  1. Love that Simple Dollar list. Good for the kids to read as well.