Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday5 #2

The Thursday Five*
Five posts from the week that are an interesting read. From other dad bloggers, or related sites.
-Advice for young marrieds: live off one income, and bank the other. Very wise counsel from a father.
-Great DadRevolution synopsis from co #DadsTalking blogger @Tshaka_Zulu
-Restricting electronic distractions at homework time
-Kidquote of the week!!
-Fighting the good fight against the scourge of silly!
-birthing post of the week. A great read from a newbie dadblogger. Lay the comments on him!
-Middle aged men in lycra: Mamils. Sigh, I think I qualify. 

Dad U
*Disclaimer: I may or may not post The Weekly Thursday 5: (a) weekly, (b) on Thursdays, or (c) containing an actual total of five posts.

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