Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dad50 #39 Roaring Fireplace

CHOP No. 1 from Peter Buchanan-Smith on Vimeo.

Our home harbors a resident pyromaniac (he grins suspiciously and winks whenever I pass a mirror). The Pyro likes nothing more than a blazing fire on a cold Winter's evening and is most impressed by the fact that so does his wife, kids, dog, and cat (not in order of heat-seeker-ness).
Therefore, The Pyro spends many many hours in late Summer and Fall chopping and splitting wood (Ed: When are you getting started?). This certainly qualifies "Wood Splitting" or "Roaring Fireplace" as a Dad50 item. And it's a great workout. Dad U especially recommends splitting wood as therapy after a bad day at work.
You may not live somewhere that makes this activity possible, but you are sure to go camping eventually. That's your big chance to impress the tribe with your frontiersman-cred. Just remember the matches and newspaper. No additional instructions necessary.
Dad U

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