Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Giggles Happen

The following is my entry in this weeks Father 100, brought to you by Dad at the Chalkboard
The rules are simple: post a 100 word response to a single word topic. This weeks topic:


Social banter in the Fall afternoon sunshine provides Little Miss Independent with her opportunity. She breaks out of the pack, hangs a left, and toddles up the path as fast as her tiny legs will manage. She has absolutely no idea where she’s going. I scout the group for minders and take half a step to shadow. But DAD magically appears: He’s on the job. He’s also 6 ft 5, a former college O-lineman and drafted NFL-er. He blocks her way, all 330 pounds of him. She dodges right, she dodges left, it looks ridiculous. He scoops her up…….giggles happen. 

Dad U


  1. 330?? Yikes!

    thanks for joining us this week!!

  2. I had to guess, so there was some artistic license taken....