Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday5 #3

The Thursday Five*
Five posts from the week that are an interesting read. From other dad bloggers, or related sites.
From their "What my dad did right series". Sound advice: "Whatever you do Daylon, make sure you own up to it and take ownership of it"
Helping the less fortunate is a real eyeopener for your kids
Raising a media savvy girl part #2: Tween Celeb Sexualization
Photoessay from a Dad 10 yrs down the track from where I stand. Wow. I wonder what that would look like for my kids?
What would you say to yourself if, after more than a decade of married life, you could get a message back to yourself on your wedding day?
"Daddy the moron" post. Kid-quotes of the day from an 8yo.

Dad U
*Disclaimer: I may or may not post The Weekly Thursday 5: (a) weekly, (b) on Thursdays, or (c) containing an actual total of five posts.

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