Thursday, September 9, 2010

WOW! #2 U13 Soccer

This blog is not really about me, or my family. It's about this.

BUT, I do want to brag about my guys sometimes, and that is what this post is about: Moments that have made my jaw drop. I'm going to keep a running collection of pictures, comments, videos or writing that shines the spotlight on them. Posts to be tagged with "WOW"


After a torturous month of having to nurture, cajole, poke, and all around continually encourage a deflated soccer player, my oldest boy returned home from practice tonight beaming. Preseason training for his first select team, U13, has been a long haul. Drills, running, juggling, more running, sprint work, and jogs with Mom and the dog. Two weeks ago he returned excited, but at the same time despondent. He had been told he was picked to start, hence the excitement, but as a defender, a deflating situation (in his opinion). He wanted to be a midfielder, with the opportunity to roam forward and back, contribute to offensive moves and hopefully score. Thats when intentional encouragement had to kick in from all sides. I had to unbox the "keep working hard for the team" responsibility talk. Several times. But, he did keep working, ran hard and kept his chin up. And tonight it all payed off, and a wonderful life lesson for him of what can happen if you push on through discouragement.
He was picked to captain the team for their first game, a responsibility he can keep if he steps up and leads well.
-congratulations big guy!

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