Friday, September 10, 2010

WOW! #3 First Ever 5K

This blog is not really about me, or my family. It's about this.

BUT, I do want to brag about my guys sometimes, and that is what this post is about: Moments that have made my jaw drop. I'm going to keep a running collection of pictures, comments, videos or writing that shines the spotlight on them. Posts to be tagged with "WOW"


When I was a kid, I just loved to run, and that love followed me through my 20's and 30's. Unfortunately too much basketball and too many 'scoped knees have since restricted me to walking and riding. Gratifyingly though, I've seen my kids enjoying exercise, and the thrill of competition and winning (and loosing, but that's another story). But this event just blew me away. In fact, it was the genesis of the idea of the WOW! tagged series of posts. 
This past Summer my wife announced that our oldest two, both boys, were ready for their first ever 5K. They had just finished two seasons of club soccer, were fit, and were showing some signs of being bitten by the "running-bug". While my oldest (12 yo) enjoys keeping up and besting his peers, my second son (10 yo) wants to blow them all away. Hare-ing around the soccer field, it was clear that he could stride it out, and chase down or create trouble all over the park. Leading up to race-day, I drilled them on not starting too quickly, and the satisfaction of building up for a strong finish. I should have realized that #2 would take me literally. After the start, they looped through downtown (where he was obediently pacing himself), then I headed down the hill to catch them at a later point in the race. As my oldest came over a bridge, I called to find out where #2 was. "He's up ahead" was the response, and I had to turn tail, and run back up the hill to get to the final vantage point in time. Shortly thereafter, he came around the bend in a fairly tight pack. Upon hearing us yelling, and knowing he was nearly done, he hit "turbo" up a short steep hill and was gone. My jaw hit the pavement. Oh boy, we all started thinking: College cross country scholarship. This kid's a natural. Check out the look on his face. 



  1. Love it! Playing sports all my life I quickly grew to hate running for fun. (can you say football practice immediately followed by soccer practice) Now I wish I could motivate myself to run...

    Keep encouraging him to run!

  2. I don't think there will be any issue with motivating him. Truth be told, he's acting exactly the same way I did at that age (so I know whats going on upstairs). I'm more concerned about him overdoing while he hits the upcoming growth spurt. Im intending to regulate his road running fairly carefully.

  3. I had to edit the clip and add the riff, because the original audio catches me laughing in disbelief (in a stunned, super-proud-dad kind of way). I still get chills watching it, but feel sorry for the dude in yellow. My boy tells me he had been trying to get rid of him for a couple of km's.....