Friday, October 1, 2010

But there's not much to do when your friends are all fish

Funny Sesame Street competition going on over at:

Brought back a lot of memories. First, as a kid, when of course, Cookie Monster was my all time favorite, with his ability to wax lyrical while stuffing his face with cookies. Then there was this intervening period where life got complicated.... then I had kids of my own. During the process of re-discovering Sesame Street, I learned that they had gone all gooey-PC and the big guy now sang songs about eating your veggies too. Lame.
So here he is in all his glory, re-imagined......

The second set of memories came from watching my kids enjoy the show. When my first was born, we were living in Japan, and it was one of the only programs you could find in English (for kids OR dads). We bonded over Ernie, a caterpillar who took a rocketship to the moon, and Cookie (when his diet lapsed at least).
Good times.

Dad U

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