Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dungeon's of the Colosseum

New Field Trip opportunity, esp. for boys! When in Rome...(link)
Next week, two new areas in Rome Colosseum will be opened up to tourists: the upper tier and ..... the Dungeons. That, my friends, is very, very cool. Time to book flights and watch re-runs of Gladiator..... (Ed: good luck with that).

The math is a bit scary though: 18,000 total visitors per day, and the new areas will only be open for guided tours of 25 people per group. Hmmmm. This probably means that either:
(a) The tour will be very expensive
(b) There will be a tour starting every 2 minutes, 24/7
(c) The tour will be very short
(d) It will be virtually impossible to get a ticket for the limited spaces available.
I, of course, have no chance of going. But since it's survived nearly 2000 years already, it's still likely to be there by the time I do.

Dad U
-Any of you Dad's been to see it? Any other "World Heritage" sites that you have taken your kids to see? Our oldest was only 2 when we went to see Blarney Castle in Ireland. I smooched the stone, but forbade my son and wife to do so: They already had too much of the "gift of the gab", and I needed all the help I could get to catch up.


  1. The coliseum is awesome. Hey, do they still bring in live tigers to fight actors in togas during the tours? (Wait, that was a show I saw at Caesar's in Vegas. Sorry. Still cool, though.)

  2. Yeah, my wife and I saw the Coliseum. But we did all of our traveling before we had kids. Backpacked through Italy, went to Australia, we want to visit all seven continents!

  3. Not sure why you find it "mostly for boys", but yes, the Coliseum is a great experience.

    Rome is probably my favourite city in Europe. So many great places, so much atmosphere, so many wonderful small museums in the side streets, and of course the food etc. I first visited Coliseum on a school excursion to Rome (9th grade), in '79. I was in awe of the place. I had read lots and lots about it, but nothing compares to being there. I've been back to Rome many times since, gone by Coliseum many times and been in several - and with the dungeons open, I have an excuse to come back ;-)

  4. @lpfischer: Thanks for the comment! My intention with the first line "esp. for boys" was in reference to the opening of the dungeon tour. In my house, which has a fair representation, with 2 boys and 2 girls, the ratio of hours spent playing with swords/sticks/forts/castles/gladiators/soldiers/pirates/etc (you name your protagonists) is approximately 99:1 in favor of those harboring a Y chromosome. I'm just sayin...
    My girls would love the Coliseum too, but would probably marvel at the age and architecture, rather than be visualizing the more bloody aspects of its purpose.