Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm a "Traditional Dad"

We live in an age where popular culture has shifted moral codes away from their traditional bedrock foundation and has built a new code on the shifting sands of opinion. Nearly everything is permissible, and nothing is harmful. What a price we have paid, and will continue to pay for this great experiment. Sex without responsibility, marriage without commitment, children without fathers, broken families, broken lives, and a broken society. What the culture refuses to acknowledge is that nothing happens in our lives without affecting those around us, whether we perceive that impact or not. The decisions that we make on an everyday basis can have ramifications even generations after the fact.

Standing in stark contrast to societies slide into anarchy is the traditional Christian viewpoint:

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The guidelines He established for fatherhood and family have not changed, because they are based on His character. While we are all unique individuals with a myriad of personalities, behaviors, likes and approaches, God has framed some fairly obvious non-negotiable boundaries for Fatherhood:
  • Marriage is designed as a covenant before God, between one man and one woman, for life. 
  • Sex inside the marriage relationship is a blessing, and outside of it is sin.
  • Children are a blessing, a gift to be nurtured within the marriage covenant. 
We all make mistakes, and many mistakes in the Fatherhood arena have devastating consequences. The Good News is that even when we fail to live up to these standards, God has given us a way to forgiveness and a new start through his son Jesus.

The reason for this post is to outline the following: I've been involved with a budding online community of dads, great guys who are documenting the progress of their own brood, as well as exchanging ideas and support. However, as with so many other spheres of life, “one-size-fits-all” usually means some don’t really fit at all. I've just reached the point where I had to put my hand up and say:

I'm a Traditional Dad.

I believe in traditional Christian definitions of honorable fatherhood.
I love, respect and am faithful to my wife, and will be so till death do us part.
I will raise my children to honor these same values.

Part of the mission of the blog is to provide resources in support of traditional fatherhood. In particular, I’m here for young Christian dads who might be struggling with the riptide of today’s culture.

It's quite possible that these concepts clash with your worldview. If that's the case, I respectfully suggest that this is not the blog for you. I'd also request that you de-friend in FB and unfollow in Twitter.

I will be shifting my Twitter activity over to a new hashtag (#MentorDads) to serve a community of like-minded Traditional Dads, and those who support them.

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  1. For what it's worth, I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy your blog very much. I think too often, people look at the differences between each other instead of looking at what we have in common.