Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Impending mine rescue. Kleenex worthy....

After 2 months being trapped underground, sometime in the next 24 hours the first of the Chilean miners will be brought to the surface through a rescue capsule.
Rescue operation,   Slide show
These men are sons, brothers, husbands, and many are also Dads.

If you are at all sensitive to the roller-coaster of emotions that are family tragedies and/or reunions, you'd be advised to go off the grid for several days. That, or just be prepared for the wild scenes of jubilation that will be coming. And why not! We should celebrate with them!

If you were anything like me, through our teen years and into early adulthood, we guys tightened the lid on displays of emotion. Not wanting to project what we perceived as weakness, we locked it up, "out of harms way". The result unfortunately, is often an artificial hardened "manly" exterior, concealing an emotionally hollow core. Over the years, that walled off area in my psyche sprung a few leaks. When I found my soul-mate, it could no longer contain the happiness; after getting married it leaked out the joy; and discovering pregnancy only widened the cracks. But the birth of our first child brought an earthquake that shook that dam till it crashed down to rubble. Wow, where did that come from? Laughing, crying, shock, shaking, euphoria, bliss.....all at once. What had I become?
Fatherhood changed me, forever. I will not be able to watch the scenes that come in the next few days without a welling of emotion, seeing and imagining my own family in that situation.
And, it's not weakness, or anything to be ashamed of.
It's emotional maturity and strength.
It's authentic.
It's being a Dad

Dad U

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