Monday, November 15, 2010

All that is necessary....

Any parent, and in particular an online parent, could not have failed to miss the furor that engulfed this past week. Early last Wed afternoon, a tweet appeared in my feed with the first news that Amazon had a self-published Kindle e-book available:  "Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure".
I, and thousands of other parents, demanded removal of this how-to guide via Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon's feedback form. Our leverage was not a threat of regulation and censorship, but the very real promise NEVER TO SPEND ANOTHER CENT at until they cleaned up their act.
After another 2 days of PR obstinacy, and the story making it to the mainstream media, Amazon finally pulled the book.
And then several unfortunate things happened. First was the predictable and naive "freedom of speech" and "Censorship!" whining. The second was the discovery of many other deplorable items on Amazon's lists, including other pedophile-sympathetic writings, imagery of child members of "naturist" (aka nudist) organizations, and even blatant child pornography on the Japanese site.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

I was not going to attempt to add to the chorus of straight shooting blog posts on this topic, but I've noticed a deplorable trend. There are many out there who are going into bat for this book, from their free speech platform, who are fomenting doubt about the nature and objectives of it's writings. Also, we are far enough removed from the initial outcry that complacency will invariably return. It needs to be said that:

  1. Amazon have not yet offered a satisfactory response, apologizing for publishing the book and related material. Nor have they promised to monitor the integrity of their store more vigilantly. 
  2. Pedophiles want to destroy your children, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, then discard them as damaged goods. There is NO acceptable level of tolerance toward the actions of these people. Apart from your protection, your children are amongst the most defenseless and fragile people on the planet. 

As for me and my house, nothing will be purchased from Amazon until it's very clear they have changed their tune. The Dad U Amazon store has also been taken down, and I will not be using any product links in ongoing posts until such a point.

As for the discussion about what the current pedophilia flashpoint actually looks like, I think its dangerous and highly disingenuous to attempt to gloss over and blur the pure unadulterated evil that it is. While the material is decidedly uncomfortable, I've decided to collate a snap shot here, as evidence that can be presented to those attempting to add fog to the argument. Warning: disturbing material, after the break

Was the "Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure" innocuous?

A screen shot of the book, from TechCrunch article

From the author himself:

In a phone interview with CNN, Greaves defended the book, saying "true pedophiles love children and would never hurt them."
He said certain parts of the book are "advisory" and set out guidelines for pedophiles to follow.
"Penetration is out. You can't do that with a child, but kissing and fondling I don't think is that big of a problem," he told CNN.

What is the opinion of those who deal with pedophilia in the law enforcement profession?
Tweet from @DanielleHelms

Does Amazon have other highly objectionable material available?

What is it like to have a pedophile target one of your children?
On July 16, 2006 the dark clinical depression that Kristin had been enduring due to the cruel physical molestation and verbal assaults perpetrated by Kiley Bowers came to an end, as did our life of contentment and happiness. Upon arriving home from church, we found that our irreplaceable and precious Kristin had taken her own life. A intimate part of a parent dies with their child at such an unimaginable and horrifying reality. What remains is an emptiness . . .An ache that dwells in the soul each and every day.

Is it a "free speech" issue, or issue of legality?
"This is not about free speech whether on the pedophile guide or the kiddie porn videos," said Maureen Flately, Child Advocate and advisor on Masha's Law. "It's about harm to kids and encouraging criminal activity. The book and images are de facto evidence of both criminal intent and criminal activity. By almost any objective standard, Amazon would be in violation of Masha's Law for harboring and distributing images of child pornography."
Masha's law is a federal statute that was introduced by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) in 2007 and signed into law as part of the Adam Walsh Act of 2007 which increases the civil penalties for creating, distributing, downloading and possessing child pornography on the Internet.

Searchable sex offender registery (US)
The symbol/color key is found in the map legend.


  1. Hey,

    All very well said. Freedom of speech only goes to if this moron should be allowed to write the book, but Amazon is a private company and should not give a platform to this loser.

    I agree, Amazon still has not given a clear answer on what their policy is for accepting ebooks. I would like to hear that and a public apology.

  2. Exactly. It should also be noted that Amazon has (had?) a policy saying they won't carry material that promotes illegal activities. I can no longer find it on their site, but it was mentioned in several blog posts I read. So not only are they carrying these books, they are violating their own content policy to do so, and on top of that, refused to remove the book until they faced extreme pressure to do so.

    I sent a polite but firm email stating my displeasure about them selling this type of material when the whole thing broke. I received a reply the next day saying, "We no longer sell that book." That was the whole email. No apology, no explanation.

  3. I also received the "We no longer sell the book" reply. While I was surprised to even get a response, that was not sufficient to regain my business. Not yet.