Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dad50 #40 The Fire Pit

Oh, I just realized this Dad50 post is eerily similar to my last: Dad50 #39. Well then, I guess that outs me as an unreformed pyromaniac (ED: you 'fessed up already).

The Fire Pit: what a great way to spend a Fall evening with the family. Even if you can't sensibly/legally burn something inside the house, many of you will be able to find some space outside (sorry high-density dwellers, I guess this post won't help you much). You can get a sturdy fire pit from $100-200 (US), and can use them safely on your back deck, or anywhere in your yard with enough space to sit around. See for examples. If you have a good location, another idea is to build an in-ground pit with stones/rocks. Check this how to youtube video from Progressive Farmer mag and all the related clips (helpful tip: don't use river-stone, it can explode).
So, sate you inner caveman, light up some flaming brands (that's a burning hunk of wood for you interweb-blog-income types), and roast some hotdogs for dinner. Potato, sweet potato, and corn cobs also go great when wrapped in foil and buried in the coals. And you all know what's for desert......

Dad U
-burn baby burn

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