Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dad50 #42 The Modern Dad-Pentathlon

I'm pretty sure I've successfully completed numerous of these, so I'm including it in the Dad50 list.

Us dads need to stay fit and healthy. Not because we are going to crash the boards or run the floor like we used to (ED: minor power/weight ratio issue there), but because our kids need us to get out and get involved. So I've invented a new event, the Modern Dad-Pentathlon (MDP). It gives us an opportunity to "compete" (as in, turn up and participate. Remember, according to the new rules of under-age county sports: We are all winners), without necessarily having to beat anyone. Well, OK, we still try to out-compete our kids, but as time goes on we have to rely more on "*street smarts" than pure athletic talent.

The MDP has, as the name suggests, five events. The rules are simple:

  • The five events must be completed within the length of an average weekend. ie Fri night to Sun night. You can shift it to week nights if you are on vacation.
  • The events MUST involve getting **outside with at least one of your kids and undertaking some kind of physical activity. 
  • The events are entirely interchangeable, and if a points system was involved (which it is not), there would be bonus points for originality. Make your events age-compatible for your kids.
  • You have to announce to the family that you are undertaking a MDP before you start. That way, the kids will hold you to it and press you on till you are done, and everyone gets to enjoy the achievement of finishing.

A suggested MDP would be:
Event 1: A walk in the park. Take the kids to the local playground, nature center, trail in the woods, or take them and the dog around the block.
Event 2: Family yard session. Get out in the yard and rake leaves in the fall. Or trim some bushes or shrubs together, or plant some bulbs.
Event 3: Sports warm up. Take the kiddos to practice or the game. Get there 10 mins earlier than usual and pass/throw/catch/shoot/jog/stretch with them until the team/coach gets there (super-bonus for actually being the coach).
Event 4: The bike ride. Select and age-appropriate ride, and go for it.
Event 5: The beach/pool. Throw them in, and throw yourself in with them while you are at it.

Why don't you have a crack at it? Start by nominating a cluster of events here! The more that comment, the more ideas there will be to pilfer as your own.
Dad U

*Street smarts in this scenario would invoke cunningly underhanded means to gain a substantial temporary advantage over a much younger, and faster, competitor. Uttering the phrase "Hey, is that a puppy?" before racing in the opposite direction to "home base" definitely counts as legal use of "street smarts". So does sitting on a 12 yo if it is the only course of action to safely deliver a tickling.

**Exceptions allow for inside MDP's due to extremely adverse weather. White-out snow storms and Cat 4 hurricanes count, overcast with mildly cool winds do not. Substitute indoor activities, such as a Nerf war, chair/blanket fort building, board game etc.

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