Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coffee Bunny

My local coffee shop is a great place to stop off half way on my ride to work, particularly on days like today when Al Gore is not looking so sharp, and I can't feel my face. In this particular coffee shop is a huge bunny. Previous experience informs me that the giant bunny is a "Miffy", from the book series of Dick Bruna.

I used to be somewhat of an expert in all things Miffy, due to the fact that several years of my firstborn's life were spent in a Miffy-obsessed society. The Japanese are nothing if not obsessive about spotting and adopting. On this particular morning however, there are no Japanese in sight, but a dad has brought his daughter to the coffee shop. Jr is all of 3 years old. She spots Miffy, and I, sitting at the adjoining table wondering what to blog about to help by brain thaw out, have to think no more.

I really don't know anything more endearing than a toddler with a cuddle to share. Enjoy!

Dad U

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