Friday, December 10, 2010

WOW! #5 Kids Marble Run

This blog is not really about me, or my family. It's about this.

BUT, I do want to brag about my guys sometimes, and that is what WOW posts are about: Moments that have made my jaw drop. I'm going to keep a running collection of pictures, comments, videos or writing that shines the spotlight on them.

Those of you that have had a poke around the blog will have realized the minor fixation I seem to have with marble runs. See hereAnd here.
We usually set one up in the stairwell during the Christmas/New Year break. It's become some kind of family tradition and is just a blast to do with the kids. The first link above has some simple instructions.

One of the other great joys of fatherhood is when the kids drop a real surprise on me. I'm speaking of those times when I've provided instructions or advice on a hobby/topic, or the kiddos have watched me do something, then they have gone off on their own initiative and made a valiant attempt at it on their own. Imagine the stupid grin on my face when I get home from work and the kids have assembled their own marble run. Not only did they decide it was the best use of a rainy afternoon instead of watching movies, but they ALL pitched in, with construction supervised by the eldest. And then, in some kind of quirky coup d'état shot at my blog, THEY FILMED IT AND INTERVIEWED EACH OTHER. It's taken me a couple of months to get to editing it and doing justice to their effort, but here it is. 

WOW #5: My kids made their own marble run. Then made a documentary.

Dad U
-don't show these marble runs to your kids if you don't want to make one

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