Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A dad, his family, and a flood.

For those of you following along, the flooding in the north-eastern Australian state of Queensland is devastating. The waters might be receding, but the stories of tragedy, bravery and heroism are rising. The two I've read that hit you hard as a dad are those of James Perry, and Jordan Rice.

James Perry, his wife Jenny and young son Teddy were stranded in the flood waters. They climbed on top of their SUV and waited for help. When a rescue helicopter arrived James did what dads should do, he insisted his wife and son be winched to safety first. They survived. The car was swept away shortly after, and the rescuers lost sight of James. He is missing, presumed dead.
James sacrifice (link)

James Perry and Family (image from the Daily Telegraph)
Jordan Rice, 13 yo, his mother, and younger brother Blake, were also trapped in a car in the rising flood. When a rescuer made his way to the vehicle, Jordan insisted that his brother be hauled out first. Again, the car was washed away before Jordan and his mother could also be saved. What a statement about the character of Jordan, expressed in a moment of crisis and fear.
Jordan Rice story (link)
Jordan (left) and Blake Rice

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Aussies are a stoic lot. They will clean up, rebuild and move on.
There are many photos of the flooding online, this gallery has some poetic imagery (link)
I've posted some of the best pictures that capture the nature of the Aussie psyche here:
(after the jump)

Red Cross volunteer consoling an aged evacuee

A dad with his sons, entering a temporary housing shelter

Surveying the damage

Getting a laugh in despite the disaster
The "Queenslander" is a house built on stilts, for good reason
There are many such signs around the country, and for 99.9% of
their lifetime, they are high and dry.
A bloke and his priorities.
The box says "XXXX", which is Queensland-speak for BEER.

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