Friday, January 21, 2011

Flood Disaster Tourism

The term disaster tourism has recently crept into the lexicon to describe the viewing of disaster zones for "entertainment" purposes. Unfortunately, as we all know from driving on the interstate, it seems part of human nature to rubberneck "train-wrecks". I just want to point out that while I've posted a couple of links to the Australian floods, it's been out of concern for my family and friends caught up in the tragedy.
It's also both unfortunate, and strangely fascinating, that technology gets better and better, now enabling disaster tourism online, in high res, from a safe half-planet distance away. The following links were brought to my attention by my cousin, whose house went under. His Facebook posts from life in the "Brownzone" have been both sad, uplifting, liberally sprinkled with dry Aussie wit, and a mirror on the "get on with it" Australian sprit. This post is dedicated to you Phillip!

These before and after sliders are fascinating, especially the second page

The following are the best two images I've seen that capture the native Australian larrikin, in his natural element.
Two guys cruising in a hot tub
Priorities: XXXX is Queensland-ish for Beer

Dad U

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