Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hey Dads (and significant others),
This is just a short note to welcome you to 2011 on Dad U!
Last year was my first blogging and it was a great ride. I've been on an extended Christmas vacation (at home, "off the grid" so to speak, much to Mrs Dad U's approval), and I haven't posted anything in a while. I just want to thank you for being one of my three loyal readers and putting up with my self-depreciating humor. I'll be going with the flow here again this year, just posting dad-stuff as it comes to mind and memory. I realize I have a few loose ends to tidy up, finishing up the Dad50 list for starters, so there should be some interesting material on the way.

In case you were interested, we (you and I together) clocked up 7,700 page views last year.
The top 5 posts were:
The #DadsTalking Code of Conduct
Wall Ball
Paper plane in space
Im a Traditional Dad
Leakage Happens

Since Im starting a this year with a note, Im going to ask the three of you to help me out! If I learned anything from 2010, it's that blogging takes time, effort and often a fair slab of courage. Feedback is like a bloggers powerbar as you trudge up a mountain. Page view counts and stats give a quick summary of interest in particular posts, but they don't tell you anything about whether readers liked it, wanted to share it, or thought you should be outsourced to India. Here's several ways you can help:

-Comment on posts on the blog: its easy, and free too.
-Friend Dad U on Facebook and comment: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dad-U/108613979174971
-Follow on Twitter: @dad_u
-Use the #MentorDads hashtag on Twitter (see Im a Traditional Dad)
-Hit the "like" buttons on posts
-Tell other dads you know who may like to follow along
-And the most important: Be a Great Dad

Have a fantastic year!
Dad U

PS- I hope your Christmas/Holiday brought joy to your family and the endearing memories that ours did.  Our "family" present was a Wii & new TV, often as entertaining to watch as to play.

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