Monday, January 24, 2011

The Noogie

My kids seem to have developed a strange affection for the noogie. Described by the urban dictionary as "The act of putting someone in a headlock and vigorously rubbing one's nuckles to his/her head, usually followed by begging for mercy or laughter from others who may be watching ( nu-gee)", the noogie has become a staple of our child-child and child-dad interactions in the past few weeks. I'm kind of glad that my kids have friends who were so expertly able to train them in the delivery of a noogie, as well as provide a succinct and appropriate name for them. I don't recall what they were called when I was a kid, perhaps "knuckles", but noogie seems much more appropriate. It's also a lot better than what my kids previously chanted as they chased me down the stairs in the mornings: "We must do our special parting thing, as tradition!" I suspect I had a hand in starting the game in our house (ED: hmmmm), but giving it a proper name has sent it's popularity through the roof. 
Thus far, the biggest drawback has been mis-identification of the noogier by the noogee. As a case in point, last night, kid B delivered a perfect "stealth noogie" on kid A as he was watching football. Kid A, seeking payback, leapt to his feet and delivered a particularly unsubtle noogie to kid C, an innocent bystander. Kid C did not appreciate the noogie disrupting her hair placement and started to display volcanic activity. I had to step in and deliver behavioral adjustments and direct the transfer of apologies, tracking backwards from end to instigator: A warning to Kid C for the explosive reaction and extraction of apology for yelling at kid A, another correction to kid A for vengeful application of noogie to kid C and accompanying apology, and finally correction to kid B for his cunningly executed noogie to kid A. It had been, no doubt, a spectacular chain reaction. Whew, I'm not sure how many of those we can tolerate in one day!

Dad U

-Exchanges of child-mom, and dad-mom noogies have yet to be explored, but would no doubt result in substantial negative reinforcement. 

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