Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dad50 #50 SGD: Girls in a Boat

SGD (Stupid Games with Dad) returns! See other SGD's here, here and here.

For this game you need a box, a floor, and a sturdy blanket. Preferably, the floor should be wood, or tile, or some other smooth surface. I have no idea if this will work on carpet. If that's all you have, you could try doing away with the blanket and attach a rope for towing.

Anyhow, on this particular occasion, my girls found and repurposed the box, filled it with toy and dolls and sat in the hall waiting for the tide to carry them somewhere. I added the blanket, the donkey (ED: I think you might mean ass) and the video camera.

VoilĂ ! And a new SGD was created.

Dad U
-Bon Voyage

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