Thursday, April 7, 2011

Courageous Fatherhood

Post 4/5, Dad U Blogiversary Week.

In our culture it's not particularly difficult to find examples of fatherhood failure. We are saturated daily with dofus-dad imagery, the cannon fodder of sitcoms and the advertising industry. And that's before you even get to looking at the guys that bring you these statistics (thx @FatherFactor).

But instead of flailing around, feeling swamped by the rising cultural breakdown and throwing attention at the usual symptoms (poverty, education, health etc), some out there have identified and are trying to address the deep and causative root of the problem: THE HEART OF THE FATHERS.

Here are just some some of the many guys and organizations I've come across during the past year that get it:
All Pro Dad
Dads 4 Life
Fatherhood Factor
Daddys Down
The Fatherless Generation Blogging Project

And then you have Sherwood Pictures.
Courageous is their fourth movie, after hits such as Facing the Giants and Fireproof. 
The subject of Courageous is fatherhood. Or more correctly, Honorable Fatherhood.
Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. Protecting the streets is second nature to these law enforcement officers.  Raising their children? That will take courage.
Courageous ... honor begins at home.

Want to know what's being said about Courageous? These quotes were taken from the YouTube comment stream:

"I'm not a dude that cries easy (ex gang member) this movie is very powerfull and great. God bless all you that had a part in this, this will change lives."

"I was fortunate enough to watch a PREVIEW of this movie over the weekend for a marketing research firm that is looking for input on the movies pace, actors, humor, ect..we had to fill out a questionnaire afterward..... HOLY COW!!! I can not say how incredibly impact-ful this movie is going to be. There were 400 men (men only) and every one of them cried..YES cried least 2 or 3 times....the movie was so well made and so well balanced that I am going to take every one of my guy friends to it. Want to be a better father? THEN WATCH THIS MOVIE! Want your husband to be a better father? Then take him to this movie! Did you not have your own father around as a youth? Then go see this movie! WOW..WOW..WOW."

"This is what we needed. Men of COURAGE are desperately needed."

"I've been inspired by every film you've made and continue to value your commitment to the gospel and to spreading messages about family and fatherhood." 

There have been some exciting developments in the past couple of weeks over here at Dad U. 

  • The first I can tell you about: I've been invited to a pre-screening of Courageous in Atlanta, in June

The second is this: I've got two tickets and I'm going to give away 1 (one, uno, a single, not 2). 
Yeah, you heard that right, the first ever Dad U competition. 
(The catch is, I'm not giving up my ticket, so you have to go with me. Sorry. I promise I'll wear a clean shirt.) 

Here are the rules:
  • You have to qualify as a "Dad-Of-Influence" to enter: you either have a dad-blog, are a pastor, youth leader, or have some other avenue of communicating with a network of other dads (eg FaceBook), or you intentionally impact the lives of kids other than your own (eg Ball-coach, VBS leader).
  • You have to commit to sharing your experience of the movie with your network (not a review): with a summary post, announcement, or word of mouth delivery.
  • You have to be able to make it to downtown Atlanta on the evening 21st June, 2011.
How to enter:
  • Somewhere in my Dad50 list, I've hidden this small Courageous tag:


  • You need to go to the Dad50 page and hit the Like button.
  • You need to then find the post with the Courageous tag and:
    • Leave a comment in that post: about that post, or the Dad50 list in general.
    • Hit the Like button on that post.
  • Come back here, hit a Like button, and leave a comment about why you would like to go to see Courageous, and how you qualify as a "Dad-Of-Influence". Make sure you are logged in with one of the options that leaves your email address (so I can tell you when you've won).
  • Go to the Courageous Facebook page and hit the like button.
  • Finally, go to the DadU Facebook page and hit the like button.
I will pick a winner at the end of April based on the best response!

Dad U
-Happy hunting

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