Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fatherless Generation: group blogging project

Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story
Post 2/5: Blogiversary Week
Every now and again, something comes along online for Dads that's just a cut above. 

The Fatherless Generation Group Blogging Project is working it's way through the book by John Sowers. Their work is not for the faint of heart: real stories, great writing, confronting, in-your-face reality. 

No matter how much we love and are involved with our kids, we all occasionally need reminding how fragile childhood is and how much damage can be wrought by our actions, or lack thereof.

Here is a sample of the posts so far:
Most states, when planning for future numbers of prison beds, base it on the reading level of current 4th graders. 

And it’s not their problem.  It’s ours.  And it costs us $112 billion annually.  Still think it’s their problem?
If you are like me, you are mad.  Mad at the statistics, mad at the cost, mad at the fathers that abandon their kids, mad at the pain they cause.  Mad at your own ignorance and bias towards this issue.  I think that’s ok.  But we have to turn that anger into passion.  And that passion into action.

But these boys, endeavoring to prove themselves as men, weren’t so different from me. They desired the tightness and security of family. They wanted to be known and respected.  In Chazz Palminteri’s A Bronx Tale,  the neighborhood boss, Sonny was asked “Would you rather be feared or loved?” His answer echos the heart of the fatherless gang … “I’d rather be feared, because fear lasts longer than love."

I'd encourage you to check out the project, and take the time to add a comment to a post or two. Turning passion into action takes encouragement along the way. 
Then go hug your kids and tell them that you love them.

Dad U


  1. This is awesome! I'm glad that you're finding this much value in what's happening with this project! I totally agree that it's been quite eye-opening, and I've hugged my son much more often since it's started...

    Thank you so much for linking back to this project and encouraging others to engage! You rock!

  2. You're welcome Dan. Yesterday was my first "blogaversary", one year posting about fatherhood. Along the way I've realized just how hard it is to engage on the subject. The "ups" are all adorable kid pics and sunshine, but the "downs" are hell-on-earth and broken lives. Anyone trying to turn passion into action is going to need all the support they can get.

  3. It's terrible how people nowadays take parenting so lightly! Even married parents are absent most of the time from their young children's lives. It's very sad! THey choose to work or have a life! I want to know why they had kids if they werent going to be around to raise them. What a shame!

  4. CJ: Yes, so true. "Drop of Parenting" (at sports, music, church, programs etc etc etc).
    But I have to disagree that absentee parents are choosing to "have a life" instead of investing in their kids. No-one ever thought on their death bed: Gee, I wish I had one more condo.