Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Welcome to the Dad U First Anniversary Post! (post 1 of a series)
Today marks a year from when this first short and largely inconsequential post went up:

Welcome to Dad U!

Fortunately, none of us ever had pass a class to be allowed into Dadhood. Although, "Chernobyl-Diaper 101", or "Advanced Sleep Induction for 2-yr Olds" would have been useful, chances are we wouldn't have been listening at the right time anyway.

No my friend, trial and error, aka the hard way, is the Dad-way.
What is Dad U?
Just a random collection of thoughts, experiences, and hopefully some good old fashioned common sense. Most of it learned the hard way. So you don't have to. If you're listening.....
Dad U
-Undergrad for life

In the year since there have been some ups, some downs, some rabbit holes, meandering trails and dead ends. I'd like to think though, that I've managed to keep largely on task, and reasonably consistent in posting frequency. When I started I had a torrent of material I had to get out of my subconscious and into text. Such as:

Over time I was able to dig down and garner the courage to talk about my own story:

I also got to foist my particular sense of humor on my suffering readership (all 3 of them)

Somewhat later, I branched into video editing to visualize dad-kid fun: 

As you can probably tell, I've had a blast.
I feel a great deal of satisfaction that I've lasted a whole year, completed big challenges such as coming up with 50 things I've made/done with my kids, and made some great friends along the way. 
If you visited any time in the past year, I thank you! 
If you are here for the first time, welcome, and please come back! 
If you have been even a semi-regular visitor, you are the kindred soul that keeps this bloggers eyes and ears sharp for the next post. You are most welcome! While I've tried different counters so the number is not clear, I'm pretty sure that Dad U topped 10,000 total page views in this last month. That just blows me away. Thank you all so much.

I have some specific thank you's to deliver: 
  • To my wife for her tolerance of my online addiction. Love you. Thanks for keeping me out of the HVX (the hypocrisy vortex: when you blog more about fatherhood than live it).
  • To my kids, for their enthusiasm and providing me with all my material.
  • To our friend Robin, whose blogging of their families adoption journey inspired me to take to the web. 
  • To my twitter dads for your support (esp: @daddysdown, @pacnwdadof6).
  • To my friends IRL (in real life) who are always there when I need them.
I'll sign off with a last couple of links. These are my personal favorite posts of this first year. I don't know why exactly, they were fun to write, or just clicked a few pieces into place that I hadn't considered before. Thanks for following!
Tom (aka Dad U)


  1. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations Dad U! My only "tiff" with you is your word "fortunately" for being a dad...I'd say it's "unfortunately" that moms or dads don't have to get some "schooling" to learn to be the best parents they can be!

  2. Hah! True! I think when I wrote that I was coming from the angle of: "What would those classes actually look like?" How do you simulate cleaning up chuck (or worse) at 3 am, for the third night in a row, on top of 2 hrs sleep/night? Finding out what you are made of "in process" is really the only way. I'm not sure I would have survived a "Daddy Bootcamp". I think a lot of us are more proactive than we are given credit for though, wrt rearing our kids and making the sacrifices we do for them. I know so many fantastic dads, IRL and online, I really struggle with the doufus-dad stereotypes that get shoved down our throats.

  3. Congratulations on one year. Wishes for many more great posts.
    I tell new parents, it is an on the job training type of gig. No matter how much you prepare, nothing can fully prepare you for the real job.

  4. Thanks! The process of discovery can be a lot of fun too. In so many areas your kids teach YOU how to raise them. For example, I felt pretty stupid singing to a baby during their low-interation early months, but that's because I didn't realize the pay off would come later.